How to Cut Perspex

If you’re cutting Perpsex at home unfortunately you may be limited to either a circular saw or a jigsaw. If you do decide to use a saw you’ll end up wit h a sawn edge which although won’t have jagged edges you can tell just by looking at it that it isn’t smooth or polished. If you’re planning on cutting straight lines a circular saw is your best bet, it can be really easy to cut as long as it is done correctly. Be sure to use a circular saw blade that is designed for use with Acrylic or a negative rake wood cutting blade. Also be sure to make sure that the blade  is adjusted so that it just cuts through the surface, if you have the blade too far out you’ll waste a lot of energy as well as the potential to crack the material. Before cutting, never let the blade touch the Perspex before starting the machine if you do it can cause the material to chip. Always leave the protective film on and only remove once finished cutting as the material is quite brittle and soft you may end up scratching the material.

If you have sawn cut the material and are looking to get a better finish on the edges your best bet is to use a diamond polisher which will create crystal clear highly polished edges which acrylic is all about. We have a diamond polisher here at Arcola, just give us a call if you need any panels polishing!

We can laser cut Perspex to size for trade and the public, just pop in and see us and we’ll be happy to help out!